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Welcome to Boutique Speak..What do you want to talk about ?

Welcome Ladies & Gents to our new and exciting Blog!

Welcome, Welcome.

Here, we can discuss all notes of fashion, celebs, make-up, our 'Just In' Lists, Who are the 'New Designers' on board, Northern Hemisphere fashion vs Southern Hemisphere fashion, Grunge vs Vintage vs Retro vs Glam vs Events vs The Australian Voice! vs RICKY MARTIN...! Watch this space..SO much to talk about.  Thanks for checking in see you again soon.

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Happy Mother's Day x






She Bangs, She Bangs !



She was certainly a-bangin on Saturday when our favourite - the lovely - Mr Ricky Martin (currently a judge on Australia's The Voice) came by to give us all a visit here in Melbourne.  The noise was incredible, the girls where screaming and yes he is totally as handsome in person.

The girls in the Online Boutique office were probably the loudest as we all trumped down to our local Westfield to catch a small glimpse of our man of the month Ricky Martin!!

We were privilidged to catch a glimpses of him..alas we did not get to meet him in person however there is always next time....

A true gentleman, we thank you & PLEASE come back again soon.  Australian dates soon to be released. Watch out for our Competition Giveaway. Win FREE tickets to RICKY MARTIN watch this space.....






Autumn Colours..



Grunge certainly appears to be the order of the day. Biker boots, army jackets, knitwear...You can tell Autumn is here. We would love you to have a look at our terrific Biker Boots from Alias Mae.


Biker Boots..Get yours here at Onlineboutique. Available in black and in a wide selction of sizes and sooo versatile to wear...




Excuse Me..? I hear you say...Thank goodness for Autumn? Whatever could we mean? Well we are just so pleased because now we get the opportunity to wear our gorgeous biker boots, wooly jumpers and warm jackets and do 'grunge' this Autumn.

Now the hot weather appears to have taking a hiatis, we are taking comfort in the fact that now we get to embrace the new 'grunge' feeling thats out there. Being based in Melbourne, we are loving the array of ankle boots which are lining all the online shelves, be it biker boots, red, black or green flat ankle boots - We can't get enough of them. Team with a slouchy jumper, some leggings & a green army jacket and you're away...nothing to it really! 

"But what if I am from warmer, sunnier climates and still want to wear boots & jackets?'.  Just layer, layer and layer some more. Wear lighter items like a dress, short skirt under a longer army jacket & flat ankle boots for an every day, easy look.




Introducing 'The Gorjess Closet'


The Gorjess Closet is the handiwork created by Australian designer Jessica Awad. Obsessed with filling her own closet with fast fashion trends and crazes, she wanted to share her love and eye for fashion to Australia and the rest of the world!!!

Working within the fashion industry for over 6 years running the accounts for Australian buyers at Myer, The Just Group and The Webster Group, Jess decided it was time to take her knowledge of fabrics, design and manufacturing on board to follow her dream of launching her own clothing label.

The meaning of GORJESS, combines a touch of JESS in the label as well as defines the truth behind the word gorgeous…. strikingly beautiful or magnificent……and after all, she believes, every woman deserves to feel and look Gorjess. So with affordable, fabulous styles on offer, you’ll be able to open your closet and heart to something Gorjess at The Gorjess Closet!!!

We are so pleased to have The Gorjess Closet onboard at Online Boutique. So Welcome Jess!




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Genuine Australian made UGG Boots arrived at Online Boutique!

Introducing our New Designer - Koalabi Australia UGG Boots


Koalabi Australia® is Australian owned and designed using the highest quality sheepskin footwear & suitable for use in all weathers providing excellent insulation against the cold but also absorbing excessive moisture whilst letting your feet breathe. The plush natural fleece on the inside of the boots moulds to the unique shape of your foot, once you put them on you will feel like you are walking on a cloud. Koalabi boots are suitable for everyone both young and old.


Koalabi boots are Eco-Friendly Genuine Natural Materials. Every pair of their boots is guaranteed for quality. Personally hand choosen using only the softest, best quality sheepskins straight from the tannery.


Brand Slogan
The Koalabi slogan – “Your fashion. Our passion™” emphasises the fact that they are passionate about what they do, and a lot of care and attention goes into manufacturing each and every product

Pure unadulterated fashion, fashion just the way nature intended.  100% genuine merino woolen Australian fashion wear and that's why we are proud to have Koalabi on board - Welcome!




YES..WE HAVE GREAT Shoes..coming soon..!!!!

"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty." – Imelda Marcos







This Week's Special Offer!

Do you love your Ugg Boots and know a friend who would love a pair too? Well we could have a wonderful Special Offer for you!
Buy a pair of Ugg Boots from our OLB fabulous selction this week, and you could get a SECOND pair of Ugg Boots for Half Price!
Ugg Boots - available in a large selection of colours and sizes.
 Proudly Australian designed & made!
How do you wear your uggs....?

Flat-tery will get you everywhere....





Heels are great, however there are certain days (expect for Mrs Victoria Beckham of course) when we feel the need for something other than high heels. For those days where we need to run about town and can't really navigate in our sky-high heels. A really great alternative option is the new Alias Mae flat shoes with just a hint of glamour for the discerning women-about-town. These delicious flats showcasing somewhat beautiful beaded detail & at such an amazing price of only $149 NZ. Have a look at Alias Mae's small but in no means monotonous collection here at Online Boutique.







How do you wear your flats?





Get the Look!









How much do you love these Christian Louboutin shoes? Get the look here at onlineboutique with shoes by Alias Mae.

Buy your Harriet Heels here. Just perfect for that special occasion.Team with a beautiful LBD to complete the look...How will you wear yours? x


Harriet Heels by Alias Mae. Purchase here at Onlineboutique. Available in a large selection of sizes.



Belle of the Ball...


Ball Season

It is that time of year once again...It is of course 'Ball Season' or Debutante or just simply Dress up Time for those teenagers amongst us.

You will therefore be happy to know that we have a wonderful selection of Full Length, Midi and Mini dresses available from LOVE AFFAIR's fantastic new range. Whether you are searching for your Ball Dress or After Ball Dress or both, we would be very happy to help you find it at ONLINE BOUTIQUE.








Online boutiuque loves to hear from new and exciting designers looking to showcase their work on fashion sites. If this sounds like you, and you have lookbooks, high res photos and are looking for a great site to work with then we want to hear from you!

Contact us at today! We are waiting to hear from you.


Denim is back!

Denim is certainly back!

So they say if you haven't worn an item in your closet for over 12 months - you should ditch it. I am inclined to disagree on this point. For instance, I like to keep most of my clothes (if possible) because from experience - fashion regurgitates - always. Only sometimes I don't like the cheaper, more common new additions and like to look back into my wardrobe for the original versions, from years back. I like to bring out an item, be it a shoe or a jacket or whatever it might be, mix it up with more modern accessories or items and voila! Take case in point; today it's the denim skirt. Now I don't know about you, but i've kind of been off denim for a long time and have enjoyed the resurgence of late and especially the denim skirt! Ahh..who would have thought? There are some amazing denim skirts out there, quite 70's but with a modern twist and I have to say I am loving them. I have just the answer...and it's sitting in my closet. So always think twice about getting rid of all of your clothes. I would just keep the special ones, the items you love and cant bear to part with and those you know you couldn't replace. In terms of standard t's and basics - well you can always replace. If you have to make room in your closet - rid yourself of those and anything totally worn to death - never a good look....